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Hairloss and reduced skin laxity can easily be treated using your body’s natural abilities. At Advanced Dermatology in Acworth and Douglasville, Georgia, Amr Agha, MD, uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections to heal or stimulate the cells within the skin on your face or scalp. To find out if you’re a good candidate for PRP injections, book a consultation by phone or online at Advanced Dermatology today.

PRP for Hair and Wrinkles Q & A


What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an increasingly popular type of regenerative medicine that uses natural human platelets and growth factors to enhance and accelerate the healing process within your skin. 

Platelets are a type of cell fragment in your blood that allows it to coagulate and form a scab in the event of an injury. They release growth factors to finish the job by regenerating tissues and proteins such as collagen and elastin. 

The platelets and growth factors are suspended in plasma, the liquid foundation of your blood. This allows them to flow freely and act as an injectable substance that’s easy for Dr. Agha at Advanced Dermatology to deliver.

Does the PRP for my treatment come from my blood?

Yes, the PRP for your injections comes from your blood and not the blood of a human or animal donor. This means there is very little chance that you’ll experience any complications from the procedure. Your body won’t react to components of your blood as if they’re invasive or harmful. 

To obtain your PRP, Dr. Agha must first take a sample of your blood from a sufficient vein in your arm. He places the sample in a device called a centrifuge that vigorously spins it around in a circle until it separates into layers. The layer containing primarily platelets is the PRP that he uses for your injections.

How can PRP benefit me?

At Advanced Dermatology, Dr. Agha provides PRP injections for two main purposes:

Hair loss

Losing your hair impacts your self-esteem and body image, and fake hair wigs and toupees aren’t ideal. PRP injections in your scalp may help stimulate the growth of your natural hair by encouraging blood flow to your scalp and healing the damaged follicles. 


PRP wrinkle treatment is simple: Dr. Agha administers PRP injections to various areas of your face using either a syringe or a microneedling handpiece. The injections encourage collagen and elastin growth within your skin to make it tighter and firmer.

To reach the optimal results, in either case, Dr. Agha may recommend more than one PRP treatment session. 

To discover the healing capabilities of your blood and apply them to your skin or for hair growth, book a PRP consultation by phone or online at Advanced Dermatology today.